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It’s a quiff party up in here…up in here!!
I love this lil fluff
Anonymous: What are your fav animal rights or vegan themed movies or documentaries? :) Thanks for all you do for animals btw!!! love ur blog! <3


Thank you <3


Gary Yourofsky’s Speech

From Farm to Fridge

Vegucated (on Netflix)

Food Inc (Not that great because it still supports “humane slaughter” but it shows the reality in factory farms) (Also on Netflix)

Food Matters (focuses on the health related benefits of veganism) (On Netflix) 

Forks Over Knives (also focuses on health aspects of veganism)

Peter Singer: “The Ethics of What we Eat”

Death on a Factory Farm


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I&#8217;ve got the cutest friends
Such a cutie!

I’d forgotten how freakin painful getting your nipple pierced is. So happy I finally got it back though!